Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

TICT Emissions Reduction Initiative

Through the support of the Tasmanian Government, the TICT is supporting tourism businesses in reducing their emissions by matching eligible tourism operators with two programs over 2023 and 2024.

Program 1: Net Zero Activation*

*Now rolling out nationally to accredited tourism operators, under the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF)

A five-stage program that helps you to develop an emissions reduction plan and build habit in the key action areas to progress towards net zero.

This program will provide you with 12-months access to the ERC Protocol – a digital tool that can be used to estimate your business’s carbon footprint and then guide you through the development of a customised emissions reduction plan.

Your emissions reduction plan will contain simple, achievable actions and a timeframe for reducing your business’s emissions. This may include reducing business travel, for example, or installing LED lights.

Program benefits:

  • No carbon knowledge required
  • Five stage path to follow
  • Estimate your emissions
  • Develop and communicate your emissions reduction plan to guests/customers
  • On the ground support, Tasmania-wide
  • Support Tasmanian and Australian offsetting projects
  • List of key action categories and 40 of the most common actions plus hints, tips and helpdesk
  • See the summary impact of all participating TICT members
  • Simple processes to get your suppliers involved
  • Initiate some friendly climate action rivalry with other Tassie regions/groups/operators
  • ERC accreditation logos, with QR code that links to your emissions reduction plan

Cost to access the program (normally $158 / year) is fully covered by TICT for the first year, and then funded under the QTF until mid-2026.

For more information about what MyERC looks like, visit the ERC Australia website.


Program 2: Net Zero Advanced

Guides first-time businesses through the process of carbon accounting. This program includes access to specialist software and free training for accountants/bookkeepers with no carbon accounting experience.

This program is designed to help you begin carbon accounting as a business-as-usual process. It will provide eligible businesses with a $700 contribution to cover the costs associated with engaging an accountant/bookkeeper/consultant to begin carbon accounting.

You may choose to use an existing carbon accounting specialist or train up your own finance team/bookkeeper using the free training course made available through this program. Whoever you choose, they will be given six month’s free access to carbon accounting software Sumday, to help make this process efficient.

As a result of participating in this program, you will:

  1. Understand the emissions associated with your business with the help of your accountant or bookkeeper
  2. Have high quality, transparent carbon accounting and reporting
  3. Be able to use the results as you like – to market your commitment, to progress towards net zero, and to meet current or future reporting requirements from your customers.

Program benefits:

  • Receive an audit ready emissions assessment
  • Train your bookkeeper/accountant in carbon accounting
  • Six month’s access to carbon accounting software Sumday at no cost
  • Emissions reduction strategies tailored to your organisation
  • Get ahead of the curve on reporting requirements
  • Access carbon accountants and specialists
  • Access business cases, resources and tutorials for insights/strategy

TICT is offering a $700 subsidy for this program, and businesses may need to contribute an additional $100 - $5,000, depending on business size.

For more information about Sumday visit their website.

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