Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

TICT Strategic Directions 2022-24

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT) is the peak industry body for the Tasmanian tourism industry.

We are an independent and not-for-profit organisation bringing together a board of volunteer directors elected by our members as representatives of the Tasmanian tourism, hospitality, transport, and creative sectors.

We have a proud history as an organisation in leading our industry with purpose through periods of growth, disruption, challenge and opportunity.

Today, our industry is valued by the Tasmanian people for the opportunities it generates in communities across the State.

We know Tasmania is a destination truly unique in the world. Our brand of tourism will always reflect who we are as a people, and the values we place on these precious islands we call home.

TICTs Strategic Direction's 2022 - 24 establishes our organisation's strategic priorities over the next three years, as we aspire to lead our industry into a new era of opportunity as Tasmania continues its evolution as an extraordinary visitor destination.

Our Vision:

A tourism industry in Tasmania respected for its commitment to quality and sustainability that strengthens Tasmania's brand and the Tasmanian people’s way of life.

Our Mission:

  • To represent the Tasmanian tourism industry with purpose, and a strong and united voice.
  • To advocate outcomes that benefit our tourism operators, their families, and employees.
  • To lead bold ideas into action in shaping the future of tourism to Tasmania

Our Values:

Our actions and deliberations over the next three years will be shaped by the values we share as an organisation:

  • We are committed to the process of reconciliation with the palawa/pakana and supporting the Tasmanian Aboriginal community's own aspirations in tourism.
  • We honor the contribution and legacy of those Tasmanians who have built the Tasmanian tourism industry we lead today.
  • We respect the environmental, cultural, and creative values that make Tasmania so special and unique in the world.
  • We believe in and foster collaborative partnerships within our industry, with government, and the broader community.
  • We champion quality and sustainability in tourism, and the spirit of entrepreneurism that drives investment and innovation in tourism
  • We welcome a diversity of opinions and perspectives within our organisation, and from across the industry and broader Tasmanian community.
  • We are an independent, non-partisan and professional peak industry body.

Our Strategic Priorities:

We are committed to progress the following priorities:

  • Our T21 Partnership with the Tasmanian Government, including the development of a new 2030 Destination Management and Industry Plan.
  • Maintaining a proactive policy development and advocacy agenda on priority government initiatives and investments to support the recovery of the Tasmanian tourism industry and position the industry for long-term sustainable growth.
  • Lead the Carbon Neutrality Agenda in partnership with the Tasmanian Government
  • Engage young Tasmanians in the career opportunities in tourism and support the rejuvenated skills and training pathways across the tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • Foster leadership capacity within our organisation, board, and industry.
  • Maintain our Quality Tourism Programs, including Tourism Accreditation, Accommodation Star Ratings, and Tasmanian Tourism Ambassadors
  • Encourage and celebrate excellence in our industry, through the Tasmanian Tourism Awards, Tassie’s Top Tourism Town, and People’s Choice initiatives
  • Maintain a year-round outcome focused events program designed to engage our partners in the visitor economy in the TICT agenda
  • Secure the TICT business model and pursue options to grow our resources.