Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

TICT Strategic Plan 2018 - 21

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT) is the peak industry body for the Tasmanian tourism industry.

We are an independent and not-for-profit organisation governed by a board of voluntary directors elected by our members as representatives of the Tasmanian tourism, hospitality, transport and related sectors.

Our organisation has a proud history of achieving positive outcomes for Tasmanian tourism operators and the broader community.

Today, Tasmania is renowned for the quality and uniqueness of its visitor experiences, and the innovation and excellence of our industry .

TICT Directions 2018 - 21 establishes our organisation's strategic priorities over the next four years, as we lead our industry into an era of new opportunities and challenges for Tasmania as we continue our evolution into one of the world's premier visitor destinations .

Our Vision:

To lead the best tourism industry in the world

Our Mission:

  • To represent the Tasmanian tourism industry with a strong and united voice.
  • To advocate outcomes that benefit our operators, the broader visitor economy and the Tasmanian community.

Our Values:

  • We respect the environmental, cultural and creative values that make Tasmania so special and unique in the world.
  • We foster partnerships within our industry, with government and the broader community.
  • We are a non-partisan and professional industry organisation that acts with integrity.
  • We champion quality and sustainability in tourism.
  • We welcome the diversity of opinions among our industry and the broader community.
  • We embrace innovation and change in our industry within its operating environment.

Our Strategic Priorities:

To provide strong and effective leadership to the Tasmanian tourism industry:

  • For TICT to remain the peak leadership advocacy and policy body for the Tasmanian tourism industry.
  • To monitor, review and contemporise TICT governance structures, policies and procedures.
  • Deliver a proactive policy and advocacy agenda for the Tasmanian tourism industry and visitor economy.
  • Maintain an active presence in media platforms that engage our operators, stakeholders and the broader community in our priorities and initiatives.
  • Initiate projects, research activities and events that stimulate industry and stakeholder-thinking on the future growth and development of the Tasmanian tourism industry and visitor economy

To foster successful partnerships with industry, government and the community:

  • Collaborate with organisations working within the Tasmanian tourism industry around shared policy and industry priorities.
  • Engage Tasmanian industry bodies and organisations contributing to the Tasmanian visitor economy.
  • Work with our Tasmanian Government partners to progress priorities under the 'T21 Tasmanian Visitor Economy Strategy 2015-2020' and the 'Parks 21' Agreement.
  • Pursue opportunities to further engage the Tasmanian community in the opportunities of a growing tourism industry and visitor economy.

To deliver services that strengthen our organisation and to continually improve the industry:

  • Deliver our core program of quality tourism initiatives including the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program, Star Ratings, and the Tasmanian Tourism Awards.
  • Offer a program of quality and engaging industry events including our flagship event, the annual Tasmanian Tourism Conference.
  • Pursue new services and initiatives that align with our core program and add-value to our operators.
  • Work with our tourism industry council colleagues through the Australian Tourism Industry Council on ensuring our quality tourism programs remain contemporary to tourism operators and the visitor market.
  • Engage businesses and organisations participating in the visitor economy in our programs and events
  • Foster mutually beneficial partnerships with commercial partners committed to our industry.