Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

Benefits of Accreditation

With so many benefits and opportunities available exclusively to Tasmanian Tourism Accredited businesses, the annual accreditation fee easily pays for itself!

Symbol of Quality

Tasmania Quality Assured logo
Accreditation Shield

Exclusive Marketing Benefits

  • Display and distribute the Brandmarks of Quality Tourism on your business, marketing collateral and digital assets.
  • Have your Quality Assured status promoted on Tourism Brochure Exchange and Tasmanian Visitor Information Centre racks throughout Tasmania.
  • Benefit from Tasmania Quality Assured advertising in the Tasmania Travel Guides, including logo display on your individual business listings.
  • Enjoy preferential brochure display at all ‘yellow i’ Tasmanian Visitor Information Centres, plus a discount on brochure display at many of these centres.

Rack of brochures
Tourism Information

Training and Business Development

  • You and your staff can attend our Quality Tourism Program Workshops free or at low cost.
  • You and your staff receive discounted Tasmanian Tourism Conference registration.
  • Access sector programs focussed on business skills and markets
  • Your business is eligible to enter the Tasmanian Tourism Awards and become an Australian Tourism Awards finalist.
Tasmanian Tourism Awards banner
Qantas Australian Tourism Awards logo


  • Attend TICT’s regular professional development events, workshops, training and information sessions.

Discounts & Services

Other exclusive benefits

  • Apply for, and maintain a Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife CVS Licence. Accredited Licenced operators can also contact us at TICT for an application to display the ‘Share the Wonder’ logo.
  • Enjoy free Passenger Transport Operator Accreditation audits through TICT. Appointments must be booked via TICT directly, allowing a reasonable timeframe.
  • Become a UTAS Friendly operator and market directly to international students and their visiting friends and relatives through the Let’s Explore Tasmania discount card program.
  • Apply for tourism-associate membership of the Tasmanian Hospitality Association
  • Use Tourism Accreditation as powerful evidence of a business’s tourism quality by seeking written support from TICT when writing grant applications and other submissions (at least one weeks’ notice must be given).
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