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Tasmanian Tourism Champion & Tourism Minister's Young Achiever

Tasmanian Tourism Champion

The Tasmanian Tourism Champion is the Tasmanian tourism industry’s highest individual honour.

This award is conferred each year by the Directors of Tourism Industry Council Tasmania to an individual who has made an outstanding and exceptional contribution to the Tasmanian tourism industry through their investments, leadership, advocacy, professional or voluntary service.

The 2017 Tasmanian Tourism Champion is legendary Tasmanian entrepreneur, Josef Chromy OAM.

Mr Chromy was recognised for his pioneering investments into the fledgling Tasmanian wine industry during the 1990s, along with his major investments in the tourism and hospitality sector in Northern Tasmania, including Josef Chromy Wines, Hotel Charles and the rejuvenation and reopening of Penny Royal.

The Honour Roll of Tasmanian Tourism Champions celebrate those Tasmanians who have gone above and beyond in their service to our industry and in building the world class tourism industry we have today.

Josef Chromy

Josef Chromy OAM, 2017 Tasmanian Tourism Champion

The Honour Roll of Tasmanian Tourism Champions:

2017 Josef Chromy OAM
2016 Peter Mooney
2015 Julian & Tracey Jacobs
2014 Brett Torossi
2013 Sarah Lebski, Bill Lark
2012 John Hamilton, Richard Davey
2011 Greg Farrell, Robert Pennicott
2010 Ian Johnstone, Ian Waller
2009 John Dabner, Kim Seagram
2008 Terry McDermott, Karen Rees
2007 Donald Wells, Peter Neilson
2006 Ian Rankine, Richard Sattler
2005 Brian Inder, Christine Dewer
2004 Tony Park, Richard Dax
2003 John Luscombe, Malcolm Wells
2002 Lloyd Clark
2001 Ken Latona
2000 David Reed
1999 Terry Martin
1998 Jenny Cox

Tasmania's Legends of Australian Tourism

The Australian Tourism Legend is the Australian tourism industry's highest individual honour recognising the immense personal contribution of individual Australian's to the development and growth of the nation's tourism industry.

Awarded by the Australian Tourism Industry Council at the annual Qantas Australian Tourism Awards, Tasmania is proud to have had two icons of our industry officially recognised as Legends of Australian Tourism:

2014 Robert Pennicott
2012 Simon Currant AM

Tourism Minister’s Young Achiever

Each year as a part of the Tasmanian Tourism Awards, Tourism Industry Council Tasmania invites Tasmania's Minister for Tourism to recognise an outstanding young achiever in our industry.

The Tourism Minister’s Young Achiever recognises exceptional emerging business leaders, entrepreneurs and tourism professionals, aged under 35-years, from across the industry.

Many past recipients of this award have gone on to shape the Tasmanian tourism industry in significant ways, including the 2001 Young Achiever and current Chairman of Tourism Industry Council Tasmania, Daniel Leesong.

The 2017 Tourism Minister's Young Achiever is Federal Tourism's Marketing Manager, Tom Wootton.

In his relatively brief time in the industry, Tom has worked on some of Tasmania's most significant tourism projects including the launch of Pumphouse Point and the MACq01 Hotel. Tom is also an emerging industry leader and is currently Deputy Chairman of Destination Southern Tasmania.


Tom Wootton, Tourism Minister's Young Achiever for 2017

Tourism Minister’s Young Achievers:

2017 Tom Wotton
2016 Greg Irons
2015 Shannon Wells
2014 Travis Tiddy
2013 Kathryn McCann
2012 Greg Price
2011 Anthony O’Hern
2010 Rowena Nicholls
2009 David Gunton
2008 Clint Walker
2007 Ian Reed
2006 Joanna Gair
2005 Alison Stubbs
2004 Ben Kearney
2003 Daniel Alps
2002 Sam Denmead
2001 Daniel Leesong
1999 Rebecca Absolom
1998 Richard Crawford

While TICT does not undertake a formal nomination processes for these awards, suggestions from industry for worthy recipients are welcomed and can be submitted to