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How do I know if my business is eligible?

Read our T&Cs to check whether your business is eligible. It’s important to note that only businesses that are a Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business will be eligible to apply to this Initiative. Chances are that you already are, so check in with our Quality Tourism Advisor Hannah ( to clarify.

What if I’m interested but not yet a Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business yet?

Contact our Carbon Action Advisor Lauren ( who will be able to help guide you through your next steps as a business seeking to reduce its emissions or adopt more sustainable practices. We may be able to help you get your accreditation quickly so that you can participate!

What does Program 1: Net Zero Activation require in terms of time/resources?

The beauty of the MyERC program is that it takes less than 60 minutes to develop and communicate your emissions reduction plan, and you only need to do it once a year. All you need is a computer, and perhaps a cup of tea.

See what’s involved.

And Sumday? What will that require in terms of time/resources?

As long as it takes for you to hire and/or brief your chosen accountant/advisor/bookkeeper. They’ll do the rest. You will however need to provide them with the data they need to start carbon accounting. More info here.

Will I receive any accreditation/certification by participating in this initiative?

If you take part in Program 1: Net Zero Activation, a five-stage progress accreditation rating will accompany your five-stage program.

As of March 14, 2024, this is also nationally recognised under the Quality Tourism Framework, as the Tourism Emissions Reduction Commitment (TERC).

Program 2: Net Zero Advanced is more about service provision and software access, so accreditation isn’t part of the deal. That said, you will walk away with verified, audit ready carbon accounting and reports that can be shared with stakeholders, investors and customers.

Can I choose any bookkeeper/accountant/consultant I like, if I go through Program 2: Net Zero Advanced?

You sure can. The aim is to integrate carbon accounting into the business landscape as much as possible so that it becomes BAU… ASAP! We want to upskill accountants/bookkeepers/consultants all over the state (and Australia) accordingly.

But you may already have an in-house finance team. That’s great. Nominate them and Sumday will provide them with the training and support they need.

You could even choose an existing carbon accountant or carbon specialist, if you like. It’s entirely up to you. All we need are their name and contact details, and an invoice from them at the end of it all. Leave the rest up to us.

Can Sumday recommend a carbon accountant to me?

Absolutely they can. They have a Sumday advisor directory that includes advisors who know how to use Sumday, and how to do carbon accounting. You can reach out to them directly to understand their fees and what's involved.

Can I do the carbon accounting myself? [For Program 2: Net Zero Advanced]

While you could technically use the program yourself, you wouldn’t undertake your own financial accounting yourself, would you? There are certain things in life that are better left to the experts.

Sumday is designed for you to work together with your accountant on high quality, transparent carbon accounting and reporting.

Like financial accounting, you will likely need their skills and support to do this to an audit ready standard. Often, your accountant will already have on hand the data you need and can ensure it is complete, reducing the risk of mistakes and accusations of greenwashing.

How will the $700 be paid out, if I am accepted into Program 2: Net Zero Advanced?

The $700 contribution will be paid to program participants in two instalments: the first upon confirming participation in the program and nominating their chosen accountant/bookkeeper/consultant, and the second instalment upon completion of the program. Participants will need to provide TICT with two separate invoices to receive the instalments.

Businesses will need to provide evidence of having completed the program (ie. their final report, which contains their Sumday emissions factor) before receiving the final instalment.

How much will Program 2: Net Zero Advanced cost me?

As mentioned, TICT is offering a $700 subsidy for this program, and businesses may need to contribute an additional $100 - $5,000, or potentially more, depending on business size.

This is because accounting and advisory fees increase the bigger your business/annual turnover is.

See here, for example, the indicative fee schedule of a Tasmania-based carbon accounting service.

I’m confused, how does Program 2: Net Zero Advanced actually work?

Program 2 is all about helping you get started with carbon accounting, so that it becomes a part of your business model over time. This is how it will work:

  1. You choose an accountant/bookkeeper/advisor/carbon advisor/carbon accountant to do your carbon accounting work for you, and give us their contact details.
  2. We contact them and provide them with a 6-month subscription to Sumday’s carbon accounting software and free training so that they can use it efficiently.
  3. Gather the business data you’ll need and upload it (your accountant can help with that).
  4. Pass on free access for 10 weeks to every business in your supply chain
  5. Start carbon accounting and reporting on the things that really matter

Wait, I still have questions…

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our Carbon Action Advisor Lauren Cameron at or (03) 6231 2244 for a conversation.