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Entrant Support Program

Included in your entry fee is a comprehensive entrant support program made up of EDMs, briefings, workshops and mentoring to assist entrants prepare the best possible entry.

The timing of the entrant support program has been specifically planned to help you stick to the recommended timeline of preparing a submission and achieve the best outcome.

New Entrants Information Session

30 April 2024

New entrants first (or those who haven't entered for a while - learn about the process of entering the Awards and the Entrant Support Program. (Registration link below)

Entrant Workshop #1

16 May 2024

This workshop will help plan for how to approach your Awards entry and identify the resources you'll need to prepare your submission.

Entrant Workshop #2

30 May 2024

Dive deeper into what the questions actually require of you.

Entrant Workshop #3

27 June 2024

How to make your submission shine - advice from former Awards judges

Entrant Workshop #4

15 June 2023

How to edit and layout your entry including images and graphs to appeal to the judges

Entrant Workshop #5

15 August 2024

What the Online and Site Visit judges are looking for

One-on-One Mentoring

20 May 2024

Mentoring occurs between May 20 and August 15 via Zoom. You will need to register for the mentoring sessions (by 7 July)

Submissions Due

28 August 2024

Time to hit submit on your checked, and double-checked, submission (by 5pm). Now celebrate!

New Entrants Information Session

Held online at 11am on Tuesday 30th of April. Register here.

This online session is geared towards new entrants, first-time submission writers, those who are on the fence about entering the Awards, and those who may have entered previously, but not for some time. A recording of this session will be made available to nominees upon request.

Entrant Workshops

Nominating businesses should make the most of the help offered, especially new businesses.

Five sessions will be held between May and August, to work through the finer details of the submission process.

Access to these live sessions and recordings will be available to entrants only.

All group workshops will be held online via Zoom, no video or audio will be required to participate. Attendees can type questions into the Q&A box and they'll be answered during the workshop.

Save these dates to your calendar:

Entrant Workshop #1 - Thursday 16 May 2024, 11am

This workshop is essential attendance for entrants, particularly new entrants, to discuss how to plan and collect information required to write a submission.

We’ll go through the following information:

  • What the judges are looking for
  • Proving your eligibility for the category
  • Playing in the portal and learning the functionality
  • How to structure your answers based on scoring and word count
  • What sort of information to collate now
  • What sort of things you can be doing in your business now while the qualifying period is still open that you can include in your entry
  • Discussion about using images and supporting information
  • Explaining the online review and consumer review sections that are now included

Entrant Workshop #2 - Thursday 30 May 2024, 11:00am AEST

This webinar will go into detail about each question in the majority of categories (categories 3, 4, 14 and 24 have some nuances).

We’ll go through each question, look at the various parts of the question and what you should and shouldn’t include in your answers.

Past entrants should also attend this workshop as the question changes will impact the way you write your responses.

Entrant Workshop #2b - TBC, subject to demand (categories 3, 4, 14 and 24 only)

The first part of this webinar will be repeated from the standard workshop #2 as we cover some of the same content about your submission in general. Then we’ll go into detail about each question specifically asked in the below categories as the questions are different to the majority of the categories.
3. Major Festivals & Events

4. Festivals & Events

14. Tourism Marketing Campaigns

24. New Tourism Business

Entrant Workshop #3 - Thursday 13 June 2024, 11:00am AEST

How to make your submission shine! This session will include a panel of experienced state and national judges, plus Chair of Judges. Feel free toemail your questions through in advance for this session!

Entrant Workshop #4 - Thursday 27 June 2024, 11:00am AEST
This final submission workshop is for turning your work into a brilliant submission.

Come to the session with as many questions as you like, as there’s always someone else that would like to know the answer to it too.

We’ll get into the portal again and help show you some of the functionality you may not be aware of and help guide you to layout your submission for the most impact with the judges.

We’ll also discuss what will happen at your one-on-one mentoring session, how you can make the most out of this opportunity, and how to register and book your place with a mentor.

Entrant Workshop #5 - Thursday 15 August 2024, 11:00am AEST

Find out what the Online and Site Visit judges will be looking for, and how the scoring is awarded.


Every entrant has the opportunity to register with our experienced tourism awards mentors. This will entail face-to-face Zoom meeting/s, set as planning, check-in, or full review sessions to go through your submission and help ensure you've got everything covered. The more you have completed of your submission, the more valuable the review session will be.

Mentoring is available for up to three hours (including reading time) per entrant, and will be held between May and August 2024, via Zoom. Bookings for these sessions close early July.