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The Quality Tourism Framework (QTF) is a business pathway to support the continuous growth and development of an Australia tourism business.

There are four different levels of accreditation available within the Quality Tourism Framework, aligned with key learning and development stages.

Level 1 – Quality Tourism Essentials (QTAB)*

Development of minimum quality and safety standards for customers.

The Quality Tourism Accredited Business logo signifies quality assurance and the delivery of quality tourism experiences.

*To align with our TICT Emissions Reduction Program and the 2030 Tasmanian Visitor Economy Strategy, our entry level registration for accreditation has moved to be Level 2 - Sustainable Tourism (QTAB Sustainable).

Level 2 – Sustainable Tourism (QTAB Sustainable)

High quality visitor experience development.

Businesses that display the Sustainable Tourism Accredited logo have met minimum environmental standards for activities in protected areas.

Level 3 – Digital Distribution Marketing Essentials

Digital Distribution Marketing Essentials will encourage industry to ensure they are meeting best practice standards relating to digital experience of the customer throughout the visitor journey. It will develop businesses to better understand the impacts of digital on their current operations and encourage them to have a high level of understanding of digital marketing, distribution and technology, allowing them to be fast followers in terms of adoption of new technologies.

Level 4 – Trade Marketing Boost (International Marketing)

Trade Distribution Boost will assist businesses to identify appropriate markets, develop their product to meet their target market’s needs and expectations and to implement business practices required to work within the travel distribution system.

What’s involved?

First, you’ll complete an online application for your business. There’s a straightforward, online application portal which alters to suit your individual tourism business type and requirements.

The online portal also serves as a business development tool. It assists your business in meeting and exceeding industry standards of business and marketing planning, customer service, operations, risk management, human resource management, compliance and general maintenance.

Helpful templates, samples, case studies and links are provided along the way. You are also allocated your own Industry Services Advisor in your region; they’ll assist you through the process and complete the final site visit.

TICT offers Accredited Tourism businesses with opportunities to engage in these developmental tools as well as training, networking, marketing and exclusive State based deals and discounts.

Register for accreditation

Complete online application

Site visit

Accreditation approved

Ongoing requirement of simple documentation update every 3 years online

Site visit every 3 years

Consider building onto your accreditation by completing the requirements of a Sector Module

Learn more about Tourism Accreditation and the Australian Quality Tourism Framework