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Tourism Accreditation

Accreditation Shield

Australian Tourism Accreditation is suitable for all tourism and hospitality business types and sizes. This nationally recognised program not only provides a framework for new business development, it works with you to encourage business quality and continual improvement on an ongoing basis.

TICT offers Accredited Tourism businesses with opportunities to engage in training and development, networking and marketing , and take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts.

What’s involved?

First, you’ll complete an online application for your business. There’s a straightforward, online application portal which alters to suit your individual tourism business type and requirements.

The online portal also serves as a business development tool. It assists your business in meeting and exceeding industry standards of business and marketing planning, customer service, operations, risk management, human resource management, compliance and general maintenance.

Helpful templates, samples, case studies and links are provided along the way. You are also allocated your own Industry Services Advisor in your region; they’ll assist you through the process and complete the final site visit.

Register for accreditation

Complete online application

Site visit

Accreditation approved

Ongoing requirement of simple documentation update every 3 years online

Site visit every 3 years

Consider building onto your accreditation by completing the requirements of a Sector Modulle