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2020 Tasmanian Tourism Awards

In May 2019, the Australian Tourism Industry Council announced they will not be offering a Qantas Australian Tourism Awards program in 2020.

Some States may choose to offer their own State Awards program, but they will not form part of any national awards program.

TICT resolved to NOT run a Tasmanian Tourism Awards program in 2020.

A major reason why many of our operators enter the Tasmanian Tourism Awards program is the opportunity to be judged alongside the very best in Australian tourism at the national level. With no Qantas Australian Tourism Awards this year, it removes a major incentive for entrants, and based on the responses to our sentiment survey and the COVID-19 shutdown impacting so many businesses and their capacity to compete in such a demanding program, we’ve made the call to have a break this year.

Also, as a small State with lower entries than others, we also have financial considerations for our organisation.

TICT has a series of industry programs to roll-out over coming weeks and months to support operators through the COVID-shutdown and build for the recovery. Our energies and limited resources are best directed into this right now.

TICT enormously values and invests in the Tasmanian Tourism Awards program.

As an industry we’re so proud of the effort all our entrants the program each year, and the sense of achievement and pride their success gives the industry, especially those who achieve success at the national awards. Tasmania's amazing success at the 2019 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards in Canberra were a triumph.

The Tasmanian Tourism Awards will be back in 2021.

One thing to look forward to is an amazing new Awards ‘Weindorfer Trophy; we have commissioned for this year. Tom Samek is no longer able to produce his trophy designs each year, and has encouraged us to work with another great Tasmanian designer on an exciting new design, that re-interprets our Awards program, and the inspiration of Gustav Weindorfer’s story. We look forward to sharing this with you in a few months.

The Tasmanian Tourism Awards are the premier Awards program in the Tasmanian tourism industry. The Awards are designed to encourage and recognise innovation, excellence, quality and sustainability in tourism, while providing a benchmark for industry best practice.

Coordinated by TICT each year for and on behalf of the Tasmanian tourism industry, the Tasmanian Tourism Awards form part of the prestigious Qantas Australian Tourism Awards. By winning a Tasmanian Tourism Award, our most outstanding local operators attain national recognition, automatically becoming a finalist in the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.

There are 25 categories to choose from, with a category relevant to every tourism operator. Entrants complete an online submission and a site visit. TICT offers a comprehensive entrant support program inclusive of your entry fee, and all entrants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this assistance to prepare their best possible entry.

Finalists are announced in early October at industry celebrations in Launceston and Hobart.

All finalists are then invited to celebrate their achievements with staff, family, friends and industry colleagues at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards Gala in November.

How to Enter

  • Read the category descriptions carefully to choose the category most relevant to your business and product;
  • Nominate for your chosen category(s) and pay the entry fee: $190 per entry incl GST;
  • Jump online and start answering the questions;
  • Take up the offer of free awards mentoring program including workshops, one on one planning sessions, a judges webinar and pre-judging feedback.
  • Finalise your entry and submit by the September deadline;
  • Host a visit from our site judge;
  • And nervously await the announcement of finalists in October!

Why Enter?

There are many benefits to entering the Tasmanian Tourism Awards.

Of course, winning at the state or national level is the ultimate reward! But for most entrants, the other benefits they gain from participating in the Awards process are far more important.

Entering the Tasmanian Tourism Awards is all about conducting an intensive review and analysis of your tourism business.

The timing is perfect: it’s the end of the financial year, business quietens and you’re making plans for the year ahead. The Awards ask you to focus, and review all the important components of your business (product, business planning, marketing, customer service and sustainability).

Entrants take the time to review the goals they’ve set for their business, analyse results, identify and celebrate achievements, and uncover weaknesses. This all helps with planning for the next year, and making your business even better!

Repeat entrants find that committing to participate in the Awards process contributes to the ongoing improvement and success of their business…. and the possibility of winning a trophy!

Attend a Tourism Awards Information Session and speak to the Awards Coordinator.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our past entrants have to say:

In short, entering the Awards helps your business to:

  • Gain access to the Tasmanian Tourism Awards logo, a striking symbol of quality and excellence
  • Raise your business profile within the industry, the broader community and above all, the visitor market
  • Achieve recognition of excellence from your tourism peers
  • Build morale and team spirit among your staff and colleagues.
  • Undertake a focused review your business goals, results and plans for the coming year
  • Get confidential feedback from our team of experienced judges
  • Benchmark your business against fellow industry members locally, and across Australia.

The 2021 Tasmanian Tourism Awards will be launched in early 2021.

Tasmanian Tourism Hall of Fame

Operators who achieve outstanding success at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards by winning the same category for three consecutive years enter the Tasmanian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame.

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