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Jessica Richmond

Jess Richmond

What's carbon got to do with it? Changing expectations of corporations and tourists & how to get ahead of the curve

Why are we all still talking about carbon accounting and what's changed since last year? Short answer is, quite a lot. For the first time in history we now have international sustainability standards which require public companies to report on their emissions in line with global standards.

We're already seeing the impacts of this being pushed down the supply chain - in July this year Amazon put its suppliers on notice that they would need to start carbon accounting from 2024, Fonterra is talking to farmers about this, Nestle is doing the same.

So if a large company has to disclose their carbon emissions and they use your hotel for accomodation, chances are you'll be asked for the emissions per night of accomodation, and you can't work that out without asking all your suppliers for their data too. With everyone focused on emission reduction, if you can't speak to your carbon impact, it's probably only a matter of time before that has to change.

Before you know it, carbon accounting becomes as normal as the average tax return. The speed of change at the moment is lightning fast. So what's involved in getting ahead of the curve and how can this form part of your sustainability and overall marketing strategy to keep up with customer expectations? In this interactive session we'll bust some myths and clear the fog so you can get on with it.

Monday 14 August, 1:30pm - 3:00pm, Peppers Silo Launceston.

About Jess

Jessica grew up on the north west coast of Tassie before moving to Melbourne to study and practice law.

On return she worked as the commercial manager at a local mining company before starting her own accounting and consulting firm, Ellis Richmond.

The team then spun off its own carbon accounting software company, Sumday, which is backed by the country's leading investors and is used by accounting firms and businesses around the world, headquartered in Burnie.

Sumday helps businesses work together with their accountants to make measuring and reporting on carbon emissions standard practice.