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Be inspired in Sheffield, The Town of Murals.

Your journey begins…

The day begins as the sun slowly rises over the peaceful farmland, dotted with animals grazing on lush grass hidden by whisps of morning mist. The mighty Mount Roland seems to grow larger as the sun comes up, with its carved ancient face high above the town nestled at its feet. It is easy to see why this region is known as Tasmania’s Outdoor Art Gallery with scenery like this!

Main Street is full of fellow adventurers bringing their day. Art enthusiasts inspect colourful murals painted on the walls and explore the eclectic storefronts which display locally made wares and funky collectables. The local eateries are filled with food lovers sampling Tasmania grown ingredients, and mountain bikers fuel up on coffee before tackling the trails. You watch as bushwalkers stock up on supplies before driving starting their journey to the iconic Cradle Mountain. Inspired, it’s time to choose your adventure.

Art & Murals

Sheffield is known as Tasmania’s “Town of Murals” and is home to over one hundred larger-than-life murals. Download the Kentish Walking Tour App and start the Sheffield Mural Tour, a self-guided experience that tells the history and inspiration behind the larger-than-life paintings. Stop by the new Sheffield Arts Centre’s gallery to see work by local artists inspired by the landscape. If you are lucky, the town’s Mural Curator restoring one of the historic murals painted over thirty years ago. Tour Mural Park, which showcases the winners of the globally recognised Mural Fest, a competition that produces new murals every year.

Farm Gates and Food Tours

Tasmania’s North-West is known for its rich soil, fresh air, and passionate farmers who produce some of the most sought-after ingredients by top chefs and restaurants. Part of the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail and Northern Forage Drive Journey, Sheffield’s agricultural landscape allows visitors to indulge their taste buds. Spend your day sipping on locally crafted wine and beer, picking berries in the summer, hunting truffles in the winter, and even learning how to roast organic coffee beans! Book a farm stay accommodation to experience farm life, or join a curated chef’s tour of the region.

Outdoor Adventure

Get your blood pumping on the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails! The Sheffield Trailhead starts at the Badger Ranges and is home to some of the more epic trails in the network. Spend your day bushwalking in the lush forests searching for waterfalls, or trek to the top of Mount Roland and be rewarded with a 360-degree view from the Bass Strait to Cradle Mountain. Get out on the water at Lake Barrington, home to the International Rowing Course. You can fish, ski, row, kayak, paddle or swim in its pristine water.

Wilderness & Wildlife

The gateway to Cradle Mountain, Sheffield, is one of the last stops before reaching the World Heritage Wilderness. Awe-inspiring when blanketed with snow, bursting with colour with the annual ‘turning of the Fagus’ in autumn or full of baby animals in spring, and the scent of wildflowers on a summer’s day – Cradle Mountain is a must-do when staying in Sheffield. Walk softly, and you may come across a wombat having a drink at the aptly named Wombat Pools or a wallaby hopping by Dove Lake. For an up-close experience with the famous Tasmanian Devils, visit Devils@Cradle, a wildlife sanctuary.

Sheffield at Night

After the sun goes down, relax by a fire under the Milky Way; if you're lucky, the elusive Aurora Australis will make an appearance!

MR at Night.jpg


Sheffield, Town of Murals: 3-Day Itinerary

Beauty comes naturally to Sheffield, the small but vibrant town nestled at the feet of Mount Roland in Tasmania's North-West.

With its charming streetscape brought to life with over 100 murals, Sheffield is known as Australia's "Town of Murals" visitors are encouraged to explore its hidden gems.

Referred to as "Tasmania's Outdoor Art Gallery", the Kentish region where Sheffield calls home is known for its breathtaking landscapes and artistic community.

The gateway to Cradle Mountain, Sheffield is the perfect destination to explore the cradle-to-coast region, which stretches from the roughed peaks of Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park to the pristine beaches of Narawntapu National Park.

Home to the Wild Mersey MTB Trail Network, Sheffield is an outdoor adventurer's dream - with biking, hiking, fishing, climbing and more.

Food lovers can participate in the Cradle To Coast Tasting Trail or enjoy curated Chef Tours and farm gate experiences.

Follow this three-day-two-night itinerary to immerse yourself in Sheffield's breathtaking landscapes, artisan food & beverages, art & history, and outdoor adventures that can only be experienced in Tasmania's North-West.

Top 10 Must-Dos!

  1. Explore the "Town of Murals", home to 100+ giant outdoor artworks, with the Mural Walking Tour - available as an App!
  2. Get your blood pumping on the legendary Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails.
  3. Explore the World Heritage-Listed Wilderness at Cradle Mountain.
  4. Whether it's window shopping or retail therapy, peek inside shops on Main Street to find wares from creative artisans, producers and curators.
  5. Indulge in Tasmanian ingredients at local eateries and stops along with the famous Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail. Savour handcrafted beer, wine, honey, truffles, berries, etc.
  6. Entertain the kids for hours at Tasmazia and The Village of Lower Crackpot, where fun and laughter rule.
  7. Fish, swim, row, ski, paddle, or picnic at Lake Barrington, the site of world-class rowing events.
  8. Trek to the summit of Mount Roland and be rewarded with a view found nowhere else on the island.
  9. Go chase waterfalls. Champagne Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and No-Name Falls are not to be missed.
  10. Tour all of "Tasmania’s Outdoor Art Gallery" with a visit to Railton "Town of Topiary" and a drive along with the novelty Letterbox Trail en route to Wilmot.

Day One: Art, Food, & Fun

Begin your journey at the Sheffield Visitor Information Centre. Be dazzled by the Milky Way in the Night Sky Room, stand atop Mount Roland, ride down Wild Mersey MTB Trails, or enjoy a farm gate experience without leaving the building!

Pick up a map or download the Sheffield Mural Walking Tour App. The self-guided accessible experience weaves through the town's centre with stories and historical moments that inspired the massive art pieces. Take in "Stillness & Warmth" by John Landis, the first mural painted in Sheffield, depicts the famous conservationist Gustav Weindorfer at his Waldheim Cabin sharing the warmth of his fire with native wildlife.

As you stroll through town, take in a world of wares and creations from local artisans, producers, trendsetters and curators at unique boutiques, shops and galleries housed in heritage buildings. Indulge your taste buds at the eateries that line Main Street. Surrounded by farmland on the richest soil in Australia, Sheffield is part of the Tasmanian Northern Forage and the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.

Continue your artistic adventure at the Arts Centre, home to the Sheffield Art Gallery, featuring local artists inspired by the region's beautiful landscapes. Stop by the Mural Restoration Area - if you are lucky, you will catch the town's Mural Curator bringing a mural back to life! Finish the tour at Mural Park, home to the Tasmanian Mural Fest, an annual competition that brings artists from around to globe to compete for a grand prize.

If you've got little ones, drive into the Promised Land to visit the quirky world of Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot - a fun-filled experience for children of all ages! Or visit one of the local farm gates or book a curated tours experience to sample fresh berries in the summer, hunt truffles in the winter, and savour local wine by the lake.

End your day with dinner at one of the local eateries, have a pint with a local, or feast on local ingredients collected throughout your day.

Day Two: Wild Mersey

Mountain Biking is taking Tasmania by storm, with Wild Mersey Trails quickly becoming a favourite destination for riders!

Perfectly geared for all skill levels, Wild Mersey has 100 km of diverse trails, with trailheads in three unique Tassie Towns: Sheffield, Railton and Latrobe. Begin your day fueling up on coffee and brekkie at one of the Main Street cafes before hiring a bike at NW Safari, Sheffield's MTB and Eco-Adventure Tour shop. The Sheffield Trailhead is home to the most gnarly trails in the network and isn't for the faint of heart. Beginners can find their flow on Badgers Run, UpStart, Gold Rush and the Zen Garden.

Connect onto the Railton Rattler Trail and bike towards Railton, the "Town of Topiary", home to more than 100 imaginative characters to find. Hone your skills on the Pump Track at Goliath Park, one of the largest in Tasmania, before trying out local favourite Green Hornet - or Super Hornet if you aren't afraid of the sting.

Refuel at Limestone Café Bakery or grab a takeaway from Railton Burgers and Bikes. Don't miss the local coffee roaster Gear. House of Grind for your afternoon caffeine fix, or quench your thirst at Seven Sheds Brewery, Meadery and Hop Garden before riding back to Sheffield.

After the sun goes down, relax by a fire under the Milky Way; if you're lucky, the elusive Aurora Australis will appear!

Day Two-Take 2! Outdoor Adventure

If mountain biking isn't your activity of choice, there are plenty of outdoor adventures to choose from in Sheffield!

  1. Conquer Mount Roland and be rewarded with 360-degree views from the Bass Strait to Cradle Mountain.
  2. Enjoy a moderate hike up to Kimberley's Lookout, overlooking Sheffield and the dramatic rise of Mount Roland.
  3. Bring your Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi at the O'Neil's Creek Trail.
  4. Home to the Int. Rowing Course, Lake Barrington is a water-based playground. Fish, ski, row, kayak, paddle or swim in the pristine water.
  5. Explore the landscape by horse with Cradle Country Adventure.
  6. Dark skies make the North-West of Tasmania a dream destination for Astro-Tourism and Aurora Australis chasers.

Day Three: Wilderness and Wildlife

At 1,545 meters, Cradle Mountain is the must-do iconic when visiting Tasmania. Start your journey to Cradle by driving along the distinctive Letterbox Trail towards the town of Wilmot. You might see a yellow submarine, a Tassie tiger, or even the Infamous Ned Kelly. Stop to stretch your legs at the Wilmot Museum to learn about the town's pioneer history. Your Cradle adventure begins at the new Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre, a match for the majesty beyond in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

The park offers world-class walking tracks ranging from short strolls to the legendary multi-day Overland Track. One of the most photographed walks in Tasmania, Dove Lake, is a short 6km along an easily traversed boardwalk. The heritage-listed landscape is awe-inspiring whether blanketed with snow, vibrant colour with the annual ‘turning of the Fagus’ in autumn, or full of baby animals in spring and the scent of wildflowers on a summer’s day.

For the more adventurous, take to the skies with Cradle Mountain Helicopters for a birds-eye view of the World Heritage Wilderness area. Or, if it's summer, launch yourself off waterfalls, abseil down cliffs and shoot through nature's waterslides with Cradle Mountain Canyons - no experience necessary!

For a relaxing lunch, drive up to one of the hotels or lodges for a filling meal. End your day with an up-close encounter with native wildlife at Devils@Cradle. The famous Tassie devils won't disappoint!

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