Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

Quality Tourism Roadshow

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania's new Quality Tourism Roadshow delivers a ‘mini-conference’ of tailored skills development courses to tourism operators like you, where you need it most – in your local area and during a time that allows you to attend without leaving a gaping hole in your business for the day.

The Roadshow will give you an opportunity to improve yourself and your business by attending or sending your staff to tourism specific workshops. Plus, if you prefer one on one sessions rather than small group learning, each of the presenters are available for private coaching sessions to assist where you need it most.

What are the features of the roadshow?

  • We're bringing the experts to the towns where YOU are based rather than making you travel too far
  • It offers a full day of learning options to fill gaps in your business or tourism knowledge
  • You can choose the style of learning that suits you: workshops, coaching (or both!)
  • New employees or operators and those that work on the periphery of the industry can get up to speed quickly by attending “Tourism Ready” (which is FREE)
  • Attendance is affordable so learning won’t break the bank
  • With a speed dating lunch you can hone your elevator pitch and increase referral business from your fellow tourism operators

What’s on offer?

The roadshow comprises three different learning elements to cater for varying degrees of experience and knowledge base.

  1. Tourism Ready presentation (for Beginners)
  2. Small group interactive workshops (for owners/managers)
  3. Private coaching (for owners)

Tourism Ready is an introductory course for anybody and everybody. We want everyone to gain a better understanding of the tourism industry and how they can impact the experience of visitors to Tasmania.

Workshops are designed to be short, interactive sessions for owners/managers in a group learning environment. There will be *six sessions to select from with two operating concurrently, throughout the day. Attendees will choose to attend those that best meets their needs.

*only three sessions will operate in some roadshows due to low numbers.

Alongside the workshops, we will offer one on one coaching. These are private face to face sessions with one of the coaches. You'll need to complete a survey in advance, and you can apply for the coach that best resonates with your needs. Coaching opportunities will be first in, best dressed.

Who should attend the roadshow?

The content at the roadshow is specifically designed for owners of micro and small businesses that want to improve their tourism and business knowledge.

When are they being held?

The roadshows are planned to be held twice during the year. The first series of roadshows will be held in June. Providing everything goes well, we’ll do it again (with tweaks where required) in October (also in the regions, but in different towns, these dates will be published in due course).