Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

Quality Tourism Roadshow

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania's new Quality Tourism Roadshow delivers a ‘mini-conference’ of tailored skills development courses to tourism operators like you, where you need it most – in your local area and during a time that allows you to attend without leaving a gaping hole in your business for the day.

The Roadshow will give you an opportunity to improve yourself and your business by attending or sending your staff to tourism specific workshops.

What are the features of the roadshow?

  • We're bringing the experts to the towns where YOU are based rather than making you travel too far
  • We are offering an afternoon of short intensive workshops to fill gaps in your business or tourism knowledge
  • New employees, new business owners or those that work on the periphery of the industry can get up to speed quickly by attending the free Tourism Ready and The Tasmanian Advantage evening presentations.
  • Attendance at the workshop afternoon is very affordable so learning won’t break the bank - plus the presentations in the evening are free!

What’s on offer?

The roadshow comprises two different elements for two potentially different audiences:

Workshops are four different modules designed to be short, interactive sessions for owners/managers in a group learning environment. Prices are kept low to encourage small businesses to attend. Workshops in each town start at 12.30pm and finish at 4.45pm.

Presentations on tourism basics are for anybody and everybody interested in the tourism industry - they are FREE to attend supported in full by TICT, Parks and State Growth. Presentations in each town start at 5pm and finish at 7.30pm.

  • In Tourism Ready we give everyone a better understanding of the tourism industry and how they can impact the experience of visitors to Tasmania.
  • In The Tasmanian Advantage we will help you improve your understanding and knowledge of the natural and cultural values of Tasmania's National Parks & Reserves.

Quality Tourism Roadshow will be back in 2019