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Polly McGee

Polly McGee

Human Scale Leadership - Leading People Well

Human scale is the set of physical qualities and quantities of information characterising the whole human: its motor, sensory and mental capabilities, and how humans interact with their world and all its elements. Human scale leadership takes this idea of what it is to experience the world at human scale, and the individual factors that build our response to the world, the other humans and systems in it, to create a unique approach to leadership and self-awareness in your tourism venture. This interactive workshop looks at how to understand the conscious and unconscious performance drivers of your staff (and yourself); how to lead with courage and empathy; and how to proactively manage burnout and disengagement in a dysregulated world. \

Monday 15 August, 1:30pm-3:00pm, Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston

About Polly

Dr Polly McGee (they/them) is an all-purpose human being with over a decade working in business strategy, leadership program design and delivery to transform cultures. One of only 400 people globally selected to be trained and certified by Dr Brené Brown to deliver her Dare to Lead program, Polly specialises in trauma informed leadership at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and somatic therapy.

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