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Robert Kelman

Tasmania's Waste Strategy and a Container Deposit Levy

One of the frequent priorities raised by operators across Tasmania as part of the conversations pre-COVID about our vision for Tasmanian tourism in 2030, was for the industry to take waste far more seriously.

There is a lot happening in this space; a new Waste Strategy for Tasmania and a Container Deposit Levy; and the movement towards eradicating the world of single use plastics.

Robert Kelman lives and breathes waste and recycling, and is across the key policy and strategic priorities.

Robert will share with us why this should all matter for tourism, and how operators can start doing more in achieving a truly 'clean and green' Tasmania.

Tasmania's Waste Strategy and a Container Deposit Levy

Robert Kelman has been involved in waste management and recycling advocacy for the past 15+years. This includes current roles as Executive Officer of the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association. The association represents the interests of the legitimate used tyre recycling industry and member companies process around 23Million used tyres per annum. This work has included Robert overseeing the developments of regulations in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and more recently QLD.

Robert is also contracted by an EU organisation The Reloop Platform for work in the Pacific region advocating for the expansion of bottle deposit schemes, single use plastic phase outs, recycled content mandates and refillable packaging. In this role Robert also represents the Australian Council of Recycling on state advisory groups including in Tasmania for a new bottle deposit scheme.