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Todd Babiak

Tasmania's brand in a COVID world

We will always remember 2020.

Yes, we’ll remember it as scary and destructive. A sh&t show. But hopefully we’ll also remember it as a Tasmanian turning point. A lot of people in the loud, sick, beige, busy, and exhausting world are looking south for the prospect of renewal – to artisanal quality, to meaningful connections with real people, to clean, fresh, safe destinations on an island of difference.

What does this all mean, and how are we going to harness our brand competitiveness in a COVID world?

Our resident brand maestro, the CEO of Brand Tasmania, Todd Babiak, is up for the task of unpacking what 'Being Tasmanian' might mean in the new world order.

About Todd:

Todd Babiak has worked in places around the world – some big and some not so big. He’s worked with these places to build brand stories, turning each individual story into economic, social, and cultural development strategies. Of all the places around the world he has worked, he was most moved by the Tasmanian brand story.

He and his team at Brand Tasmania are in the listening and building business in a Tasmanian way. In collaboration with partners and the community they work to inspire and encourage Tasmanians, and those who aspire to be Tasmanian, to quietly pursue the extraordinary.