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Andrew Wright

Exhilarating? Inspiring? Terrifying? Life changing?

How does one define the amazing experience of swimming in the open ocean with Great White Sharks?

Andrew Wright is a co-owner and General Manager of Calypso Star Charters. South Australia’s original and premier shark tour operator, who pioneered commercial Shark Cage Diving off Port Lincoln.

Every day Andrew’s guests tick off bucket lists and experience one of the natural world’s most awesome creatures live, up close and on-edge.

How does he ensure each experience meets such high expectations? How does he deal with different customer groups with different capabilities? How does his team prepare, care and work with his spectacular and intimidating attractions?

How does this multi-award winning and iconic ecotourism operator strike a fine balance between conservation and commercialism of these remarkable, protected species?

Andrew is also a Director of Ecotourism Australia and a multi-award winning tourism operator.