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Emilie Burgess

Emilie Burgess

A Little Bit of Chocolate

Should I? Shouldn't I? Will I? Won’t I?

This workshop will sort fact from fiction as it walks you through some of the misinformation on nutrition that has you questioning not just what, but now when you eat.

That’s right, everything from eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors to only eating on 5 days of the week or 8 hours in the day.

Join us as we call BS on the merry-go-round of dietary fallacies and reach for an inner peace at the dining table.

This session will not only generate greater understanding of the foods we need to nourish our best selves, but how to plan, prep and prepare these foods you will be well on your way to discovering you inner epicurean.

About Emilie

With a genuine love of food, flavour and a matching red, Emilie has returned to Tasmania after 2 years in the south west of France and a year in northern Italy. A gastronome’s dream!

Emilie is now fuelling the Hobart Hurricanes as part of her role as Performance Dietitian and Sports Science and Sports Medicine Manager at Cricket Tasmania.