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Mitch McPherson

Mental Wellbeing

It's a tough thing to talk about. But we need to. For ourselves, our staff, our families and friends.

To this end, we've asked someone to join us and share their story about turning the very worst example of grief, shock and loss into a message of positive change, resilience and hope.

Mitch McPherson is something special. Be prepared.

About Mitch

Few people have the drive and dedication of Mitch McPherson. When his younger brother Ty took his own life in 2013, Mitch, a glazier by trade, turned the devastating loss into the successful suicide prevention charity SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY.

Since then, Mitch the 2017 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year, has spoken to over 650 events across the country which include school groups, workplaces and sporting clubs and is dedicated to spreading the message that nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it. Through partnering with key community groups, businesses and sporting identities SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY has over 26,000 likes on its Facebook page, and this support continues to grow daily.

Since 2014 Mitch has partnered with Relationships Australia Tasmania, to ensure that the message of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY continues to grow. Now with a dynamic and passionate team, programs in schools and sporting clubs across the state continue to educate Tasmanians on the issues surrounding mental health.

Mitch’s vision is that SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY will become a national charity, with a focus on delivering programs in schools and sporting clubs around Australia to increase awareness and remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Expand your knowledge and be inspired to action after hearing Mitch’s story of loss, determination and a will to create positive change around mental health issues in our country.