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Emma Riley & Caroline Lindus

Emma and Caroline


From opening a cellar door to farm-stay accommodation, Tasmania is the premier market to blend tourism and agricultural experiences into a unique agritourism business.

Despite the opportunities, starting and operating an agritourism business can be complex and involves multiple approvals. Developed by ERA Planning and Environment for the Tasmanian Government after extensive analysis and engagement, the Agritourism Toolkit is designed to demystify the approvals process, providing useful information including what approvals are required, what consultants may be needed and how to engage with regulators, assisting agritourism businesses to get established in Tasmania.

This workshop is designed to give you a head start on your agritourism approvals journey. We will introduce the Agritourism Toolkit, guide you through how to leverage the resource, and give you the opportunity to put your new knowledge into practice by working through practical examples.

While the Toolkit and examples will focus primarily on Agritourism opportunities, many of the processes and approvals apply universally to tourism operations across the state. This workshop will also provide valuable insights into establishing tourism businesses more broadly within Tasmania.

Monday 14 August, 9:00am-10:30am, Peppers Silo Launceston.

About Emma

ERA is built on Emma’s passion for people, place and planning. Emma leads by example, bringing her strong personal values to life both internally at ERA and in team members’ abilities to build and realise clients’ planning needs.

Emma has more than 20 years’ technical experience and continues to practice as a planner, managing a wide range of projects from large-scale master and structure plans through to development applications. She also regularly appears as an expert witness before the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal and the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

About Caroline

Caroline is ERA’s lead for community and stakeholder relations and has strong working relationships across government agencies, community groups, local government, industry groups and applicants.

Caroline also provides in-house planning services to a range of councils including acting as Senior Planner working on both statutory and strategic planning.

Caroline also represents councils and private clients in both the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal and at the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

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