Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

Matt Fishburn and the Team from The 20

Making a Positive Impact in your Tourism Business? Now tell everyone about it!

Tasmania's leading creative agency are hitting up the Tasmanian Tourism Conference and are sure to leave an impression!

Most tourism operators make a positive impact through their business every day - employing locals, training Tasmanian kids, buying from local suppliers, referring customers to colleagues, or going that extra mile in your sustainability practices.

The positive impact you make can be a compelling and powerful part of your business brand. Making your tourism operation stand out from the crowd with customers, potential employees, and other stakeholders.

In this breakout, Matt Fishburn and his talented team at The20 will unpack some of the strategies and opportunities businesses can consider in better communicating to their customers the Positive Impact they are making. If we know the visitor market is increasingly looking for socially and environmentally responsible tourism experiences, what can you do to make sure they see you?

Practical tips and ideas to consider in building your brand as a stand-out tourism operation in the transition towards Positive Impact Tourism.

About The20

The20 is a Tasmanian-based creative agency, who works with some of Tasmania's best known and iconic brand, including Tourism Tasmania, RACT, St Luke's, and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

The team at The20 were engaged by Tourism Tasmania on branding and marketing the 'Make Yourself At Home' Travel Voucher initiative.