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Amanda Gordon

Amanda Gordon

No Place Like Home – Why Honest Regional Branding starts with Local Engagement

In this workshop, we’ll be leading participants through a series of exercises that get at the heart of why locals have chosen to call a place home, and how to use the honesty and reality of a place to set ambitions for the future. This workshop is well-suited for councils considering branding projects that require community consultation.

About Amanda

A specialist in brand strategy, community building, and storytelling, Amanda Gordon is currently a strategy director at For The People. She is a deep thinker, a big picture thinker, and eternal optimist. She believes creative businesses who build effective communities can change the world for the better.

Over the past 10+ years, Amanda has worked as a writer and strategist to help some of Australia’s biggest people, planet, and cultural institutions tell their stories more effectively, including Australian Worker’s Union, Perth Festival, State Library Victoria, Australian Ethical superannuation, the West Coast Council of Tasmania, and Streamtime. This deep and broad experience has given her a front row seat to the power of truth and powerful storytelling as a rudder for whole of organisation transformation. Her strength is crafting, telling, and teaching the power of these stories in order to affect change within organisations and communities, and translating these stories into impactful creative and visual communication.

Her work with brave clients and talented colleagues has been recognised by some of Australia's, and the industry's most prestigious awards bodies including D&AD and AGDA. She writes, speaks and teaches on the subject of branding, community and how creative businesses can change the world for the better.