Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

Robert Cameron

What must be done now to secure our businesses

When COVID first hit in March and tourism and hospitality operators started reaching out to the TICT and THA for help, the two peaks turned to Hobart Business and Accounting Advisers, Collins SBA, to ask them to work with their members on supporting them through the immediate crisis, and to access the government support being made available.

Since March the Collins SBA team has worked with dozens and dozens of Tasmanian tourism and hospitality operators on their own situation, while providing general advice to the industry.

We've asked Rob Cameron to share with the industry the insights they have on the status of the industry, the situation for businesses coming towards the end of 2020, and what must be done over coming months to secure as many businesses futures as we can.

About Rob

Rob is an experienced business manager, strategist and coach. He provides business advisory services through Collins SBA to business clients throughout Tasmania on performance improvement, turnaround of underperforming businesses and succession planning. Often initial client engagements turn into long term working relationships where Rob becomes a business owner’s trusted adviser or advisory board member and directly supports businesses reaching the next level of growth and performance.

With a solid professional foundation in the real world of managing businesses, Rob’s advice to his business clients reflects a deep understanding of how businesses operate, how quickly markets can change, and how a practical financial strategy needs to acknowledge the vagaries of business life. Rob has worked with many tourism businesses across Tasmania and is passionate about helping the tourism industry rebound from the ravages of 2020.