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Nestled in a valley between Mount Lyell and Mount Owen, Queenstown (of the Tasmanian variety) is the largest town on the West Coast. Surrounded by dramatic hills that provide stark evidence of a history that once made it one of the richest mining towns in the world. Today, Queenstown is experiencing a rebirth with a growing tourism and arts culture.

The drive into Queenstown from the south of Tassie is nothing short of spectacular -if not a little stomach churning - as you wind your way down the 99-bends of the Gormanston Hill. An environment and people that have a deep-rooted stubbornness that can only be described as West Coast Tough. To make the most of your visit to Queenstown - and the West Coast - you’ll need to immerse yourself in the environment and the community. It also takes some planning and local knowledge. Visit art galleries, museums and street art all whilst taking the time to delve a little deeper to learn the history -there’s always a local keen to share a story. Bring a smile and say hi. Whether they know you or not, the locals will say hi and wave- it’s what they do. Your visit to Queenstown might include a warm 25 degree day,some wind, rain and the occasional snow fall -sometimes all in the one day. Regardless of the time of year, be prepared. Dress for comfort -and all weather.Sturdy footwear for those walks to waterfalls and rainforests. And thongs. There’s no shopping malls, so pack accordingly.

At sunset the surrounding mountain summits blaze with orange and pink, by day they resemble a cratered moonscape, created by a brutal mining past. Queenstown is the home of the ABT Railway - opened in 1897 to transport copper to Strahan - the only way to get the ore to market. Visitors can now journey along the same tracks on board the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

Queenstown is much more than the “small mining town” stories you’ve heard.It takes time to get there - but it’s worth the wait. Be prepared to do more than scratch the surface - and for a few days beyond the range of mobile signal. Stand still and breathe in the fresh air and listen. The sounds of Queenstown can bring wonder, disruption and peace. At the right time there’s bird chirping in the trees, train whistles, wind through trees, kids playing in the streets - and fall asleep listening to rain on the roof.A trip West to Queenstown provides the break away from convenience and excess that you need.Discover nature... and your true nature.



A road trip to Queenstown is an adventure that is nothing short of spectacular - if not a little stomach churning when you wind your waydown the 99-bends of the Gormanston Hill.

Four days in Queenstown and exploring the West Coast will teach you how to get back-to-basics and how to exist beyond the range of your mobile signal.

Because once you strip away convenience, excess and pretence, you discover true nature...and your true nature


The drive to Queenstown requires coffee, a sense of adventure and an understanding that it’ll be worth the hours of driving to get there. Wherever you’re coming from we recommend aiming to arrive in Queenstown by 2pm (allow the time to slow down and stop for the many breathtaking views along the way)

  • Drive through the once thriving towns of Linda and Gormanston
  • Before starting the journey down the twists and turns of 99 bends, stretch the legs at Horsetail Falls and IronBlow lookout
  • Arrive in Queenstown and check into your accommodation for the next three nights, Penghana Bed & Breakfast
  • Grab a coffee and some afternoon tea from a local café
  • Head to the Galley Museum- chat to a local, get all the tips on what’s happening and where, hear a few stories and spend an hour or so making your way through the many rooms filled with West Coast history in the‘Museum in a Pub’
  • For dinner, enjoy a relaxed pub meal at the Empire Hotel


  • Wake up to the sounds of birds and train whistles, meet the locals and experience the infamous gravel oval - we did warn you.-Breakfast at Tracks Cafe
  • Hop aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway for a King River Rafing experience
  • Arrive back in Queenstown for lunch at Cafe 5.2.0
  • For a change of pace grab a footy from the Galley Museum (yep they’ll trust you to bring it back) and have a kick on the gravel oval
  • Walk around the town and set yourself a challenge to see how many street murals you can find
  • Pop into the art galleries and view the latest exhibitions and locally-made wares
  • Dinner at Maloney’s Restaurant where you must try their famed Maloney’s Chicken dish
  • Finish off the day with a sunset tour on Mt Owen with Roam Wild


  • Explore the surrounding towns, soak in the ocean air and experience a 100m long abandoned train tunnel.
  • Head to Zeehan, allow 35 minutes for travel
  • Visit the West Coast Heritage Centre (allow minimum 1 hour)
  • Grab some lunch from Pit Stop Cafe
  • Drive 40 minutes and arrive at Trial Harbour,enjoy walks along the beach, sit and soak in the wild ocean fresh air, visit the history room and have a picnic afternoon tea on the beach
  • Drive back to Zeehan
  • Walk the Spray Tunnel
  • Drive to Strahan,allow 35 minutes for the drive to Strahan, planning to arrive by 5pm
  • Go to the Visitor Centre, purchase tickets to The Ship That Never Was
  • Watch The Ship That Never Was play before enjoying dinner at Risby Cove
  • Drive back to Queenstown


Your last day West of Centre. This afternoon you’ll drive through the Anthony Road, grabbing a coffee for the road in Tullahand catching a last glimpse of those lake reflections. It’s farewell, not goodbye.You’ll spend the drive back to the world already planning your next visit.

  • Early morning walk up to Spion Kopf Lookout
  • Breakfast at Cafe Serenade
  • Discover lost mines and walk through ancient rainforests with a Roam Wild tour
  • Take a self-guided tour through The Paragon Theatre
  • Lunch at JJs Coffee Shoppe in Queenstown before leaving
  • Drive to Tullah, walk along the lake or kayak then grab a coffee at the Tullah Cottage Coffee Shop before heading back...
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