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Entrant Support Program

Included in your entry fee is a new and improved entrant support program made up of briefings, workshops and mentoring to assist entrants prepare the best possible entry.

The timing of the entrant support program has been specifically planned to help you stick to the recommended timeline of preparing a submission and achieve the entrants best outcome.

Tourism Awards Information Sessions

30 April 2019

Thinking about entering? Held in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart, learn about the awards, benefits of entering and expectations of judges.

Entrant Workshops

12 June 2019

Essential attendance particularly for new entrants, we'll go through each question one by one.

Planning Sessions

18 June 2019

One on one sessions with entrants to plan how you'll answer your category questions and help point you in the right direction.

Judges podcast

3 July 2019

We're releasing a special podcast recorded by our expert judging panel discussing what it takes to deliver a National Award winning submission.

Pre-judging feedback

22 July 2019

Final chance for constructive feedback of your completed entry in the portal before submission.

Submissions Close

4 September 2019

Time to hit submit on your checked and double checked submission. Now celebrate!

Information Sessions

Still contemplating entering this year?

Information sessions are designed for new entrants or those that didn't enter last year, who wish to learn more about the awards process before committing to a nomination. We discuss the main benefits of entering, what sorts of things are being asked, the commitment required and also a bit about how the online portal works.

Free, no commitment to enter, information sessions will be held on the below dates. Click on the date to book your free ticket.

Registrations for these sessions will open Thursday 14 March 2019 when the 2019 program is launched.

Nominations to enter the Tasmanian Tourism Awards close 5pm Wednesday 5 June 2019.

Entrant Mentoring Program

Now, that you've entered you are eligible to tap into as much of the entrant mentoring program as you like. Join in on all four elements of the program, or just the parts that suit you. Just remember, the more you participant, the better your entry will be.

There are four parts to the program:

  1. Entrant Workshops - group sessions held in the regions, designed for new entrants or those that haven't entered for the past two years
  2. Planning Sessions - one on one sessions with each entrant to go through and carefully plan out what you need to include in your category questions
  3. Judges webinar - everyone should tune into this, as we invite past state and national judges to share their tips for what they are looking for in a submission.
  4. Pre-judging feedback - submit your entry to the best of your ability and await some constructive criticism.


1.Entrant Workshops

Now that you've entered.

These workshops are for entrants who have completed their nomination and will submit an entry into the tourism awards. These are essential for new entrants and those that haven't entered for the past two years. We will go into the nitty gritty of how to answer each question and what needs to be included, as well as taking a test run through the portal and showing you how to enter text, place images and tables and use the system for reviewing and feedback.Workshops will be held:

The notes will be emailed out to all entrants on Friday 14 June.

Click on your preferred location above to register at one of these FREE workshops.

If you cannot attend one of these sessions, it's likely we'll add one more during the final week of June if enough businesses need it. Please let Sam know if this is the case.

2.Planning Sessions

One on one sessions for all entrants.

You must have made a good start on your submission already, and come to the session with an outline of what you're going to include in each question. Dot points are ideal or even a rough first draft.

We’ll sit down and go through what your response ought to include and determine what else is required to ensure you include the best response to each question and each PART of the question. We can also discuss the best images for your business/category, and ensure you’re following the tips provided in the category questions.

These sessions require you to attend a face to face meeting with awards coordinator, Sam Denmead, whilst she's in your region.

Dates and locations are currently being updated and will be made available on Friday 14 June to book.


  • Bookings are essential (open early June, nominated businesses will receive an email with a link to a booking calendar)
  • Bookings close Friday 14 June or when fully booked
  • No additional cost, included in the nomination fee
  • Allow one hour
  • Occur face to face
  • Available during 18 June - 18 July

3. Judges Podcast

This is a recorded episode not to be missed, ensure you download and listen to it as soon as it's live. We’ll have four of our best judges, past and present, get together to share their best tips and provide advice about what makes a submission stand out and which mistakes to avoid.

For those that have won at state level but haven’t quite bagged a national award yet, this is essential listening for you. Listen and learn from National judges tell us what the standard is really like at this level and what it will take to get you over the line this time.

We'll be seeking your questions prior to the webinar, and will deal with them during the recording. If you have any questions right now, please email them through.

Podcast scheduled to be made live – Wednesday 4 July, 12pm

4. Pre-judging feedback

The final piece in the puzzle before judgement – you’ll need to have your submission almost finished (including images) in the portal to make the most of this session. This works like a ‘mock-judging session’ where an experienced awards professional will provide you with constructive feedback on your submission in order to perfect it before the real judges get it!

They’ll focus on things like the way your submission is written in terms of consistent and positive language; your ability to tell your story in a compelling way; your passion for your business; ensuring your content links and flows throughout your submission; and the way your responses are presented to take the judges on a convincing and captivating walk through your business.

Written feedback will be supplied in the portal using the draft review submission section. Depending on when this occurs, you'll then have a couple of weeks to take on board the suggestions and make final changes before submitting.

Feedback will be anonymous.

Pre-judging feedback will occur between Monday 22 July and Friday 23 August.


  • Bookings are essential (open early June, nominated businesses will receive an email with a link to a booking calendar)
  • Bookings close Friday 19 July or when fully booked
  • No additional cost, included in the nomination fee
  • Allow 5 days turnaround
  • Feedback supplied in the portal
  • Available during 22 July - 23 August

Please let Tourism Awards Coordinator, Sam Denmead, know if you have any questions about this by email or phone 0400 224 942.