Tourism Industry Coincil Tasmania

Entrant Support Program

Included in your entry fee is an extensive entrant support program made up of briefings, workshops and mentoring to assist entrants in preparing the best possible entry. 

The timing of the entrant support program has been specifically timed to help you stick to the recommended timeline of preparing a submission and achieve the entrants best outcome

Entrant Mentoring

All Tasmanian Tourism Awards entrants are provided with the opportunity to gain 3 hours of valuable one-on-one guidance from an experienced mentor. 


  • To participate you must first register your interest at by the 16th June, 2017.  
  • This is necessary so that we can plan ahead and secure and schedule the mentors time.
  • Entrants will have the option of receiving their feedback, in writing or in person (face to face, over the phone or skype).


  • Once you register you will be then given a deadline for completing your first draft of your submission for the mentor to review
  • Mentoring will take place between 10 July and 11 August 2017. 
  • Categories 1 - 12 will be scheduled for the first couple of weeks, followed by categories 13 - 25
  • As there are quite a large number of businesses to assist, there will be more than one mentor, you'll be advised who you've been allocated when you received your email with the scheduled time

How it works

Sam will be in touch during the week commencing 19 June with your scheduled mentoring slot.  

At your requested time, you will need to email through either your submission in Word format, or give written permission (in an email) to allow access to your submission on the awards portal.  

Your mentor will spend approximately 1 1/2 hours reading and making notes about your submission. The rest of the allocated three hours (1 1/2 hrs) will be spent providing feedback.  So, if you've selected face to face or phone mentoring, please allow 1 1/2 hrs for this. 

Email feedback will be returned as soon as it's completed. This will occur in one of three ways: 1. using track changes in a word document, 2. using a report format, 3. making comments in the portal on your submission (in red). 

NOTE: You must have at least attempted all of the questions before you send your draft to the mentor.

Please let Sam know if you have any questions about this by email or phone 0400 224 942.